NBA March Madness Tournament Rules

Here are the NBA March Madness Tournament Rules:

1. The only consideration for this tournament is a player’s performance in his NBA career. A player’s college performance is irrelevant, even though teams are based on college affiliation.

2. Each team consists of a maximum of 12 players.

3. Players must have played at least 100 games in the NBA to be eligible for inclusion. Each player’s peak seasons will be considered for their contribution to a team.

4. During the tournament, each team competes in a hypothetical best-of-seven series against their opponent. First, a detailed description of each team is constructed; then, the matchups begin, where research, analysis, and informed opinion are used to choose a winner.

5. All statistics are courtesy of the great The cumulative statistics for each player are listed. Note that steals per game and blocks per game were not officially tracked until the 1973-74 season.

6. Teams are seeded based on two factors: number of NCAA championships won (1st tiebreaker) and all-time NCAA winning percentage (2nd tiebreaker).

7. Here is a guide to the acronyms used in each team’s chart:
PPG – Points per game
RPG – Rebounds per game
APG – Assists per game
SPG – Steals per game
BPG – Blocks per game
FG% – Field goal percentage
3FG% – Three point field goal percentage
FT% – Free throw percentage
PER – Player Efficiency Rating
WS/48 – Win Shares per 48 minutes
All-Star Games – Number of all-star games made
All-NBA – Number of all-NBA teams made (1st, 2nd, or 3rd team)
All-NBA Defense – Number of all-NBA defensive teams made (1st or 2nd team)
ROY – Rookie of the Year
MVP – Most Valuable Player
DPOY – Defensive Player of the Year
ASG MVP – All-Star Game Most Valuable Player
SMOY – Sixth Man of the Year
MIP – Most Improved Player
Finals MVP – NBA Finals Most Valuable Player

8. The current NBA rules will be used for each series in this tournament.

9. Coaching will not be factored in to the matchup analysis, since NBA rules are being used.

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  1. Dear Chris,
    For a change, I’m gonna try writing something SHORT (lol).

    Your just-finished tournament is the kind of thing (and the way it was thought-thru) that I’ve been doing all my life. Your just announced “NCAA” tournament makes complete sense – as the next logical step (as long the rest of us all bear in mind that the level of quality of your work is not “guaranteed”; but requires tons of work and constant vigilance).

    I’m keep getting more convinced that we’re twins (at least thinking-wise).

    I just wonder who’s more twinner than the other?


    P.S. You’ve posted a wonderful note of appreciation (for my contributions). I just feel honored / privileged to contribute anything to such fine work.

    P.P.S. Darned, this post doesn’t really seem to be all that short.

  2. My mother (RIP) was a life-long English teacher and STRICT as can be about following the rules. She’s rolling over in her grave right about now due to the series of “typos” I’ve just posted.

    My “excuse”? I can’t find any “Edit Your Post” “button”.

    Not much of an excuse seeing as I could have forced myself to read over the thing BEFORE posting it. A bit of a lazy-nasty habit!

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